Third Party Integration (EDI)

EDI is no longer an option, it is a requirement. Today’s customers require extensive data exchange between both their locations and their vendors. This includes everything from pricing to order confirmation and invoice processing. This can take all forms, ranging from moving basic data via file transfer protocol (FTP), to more complex, real time exchanges as changes are made to customers records. Many of the current software packages on the market were conceived and written long before the Internet became a common form of business communication. As a result many packages can’t easily adapt to these requests and take weeks, months or longer to be bolted on to the current program. We are different. We know that these EDI needs and the timeliness in which you can implement it give you, the operator, a competitive advantage over your competition. Many of the most common interfaces already exist right out of the box with easy to follow prompts to implement them – no more calls to tech support requesting an interface which is cumbersome to use. For those that are new we strive to get these done in days – not months.