Inventory Control, AR/AP, GL, Invoicing

We offer a full range accounting package designed specifically for our industry. Key business functions are immediately accessible from anywhere, be it on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Knowing where your product is, how much, how fresh, and what else you need is critical to your daily operations. Our software tracks your products, even across multiple locations, and can even identify trends – cost, spoilage, yield, to help you operate more efficiently. Today, you not only need to know what you have, but where it came from and where it’s going. We can help you trace your product from dirt to delivery, showing you the precise costs along the way.

When it comes to financial statements and reporting, our full-featured General Ledger offers endless possibilities. All GL entries are processed in real time - no more waiting until the end of the day or after maintenance to look at the numbers that allow you run your business and make decisions. All GL data is readily available to third party report viewers and custom reports can be created inside the software for you.