Document Imaging

How many times have your customers called and requested a signed copy of an invoice? How many hours does your team spend each month searching filing cabinets? Have you misplaced it, are your PACA rights protected if you can’t find the copy? Do you think you can’t afford an automated document imaging system? Our software includes a state of the art document imaging system – you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency to save cost.

All customer invoices are automatically indexed after a simple scan. They are retrieved via a single click and can be printed, emailed or faxed on the spot. The customer can also access their invoices at any time via the web portal, provided they have login information.

On the accounts payable side we have created an intuitive method to scan invoices, bills of laden, shipping documents, etc. without manually keying in identifying information.

Custom databases can also be created to store records such as customer credit applications, W9 forms, etc., that can easily be searched and reported on.