Disaster Recovery

From time to time our customers will face a true disaster. No one enjoys them, but we enjoy planning for them. We have helped customers recover from minor issues such as power outages and equipment damage to major issues such as devastating hurricanes and warehouse fires.

We maintain equipment on hand that is prepared to deploy to your facility regardless of the location or environmental conditions. This could be as simple as a replacement server to more elaborate setups such as everything you need to open a temporary cross dock facility with printers, terminals and phones - today.

withe understand that in this industry, if you have to shut down to repair or rebuild, your customers will likely move on before you can reopen. We will do what it takes to keep you operating without interruption.

We have relationships with air carriers that can ship equipment to you on the next available flight. If that's not fast enough, we will find a solution that is. Day or night, we won't rest until you're back to a level of capability that allows you to service your customers.