Continuous Backups

Backups of all data - not just mission critical data - are made continuously throughout the day. Once one backup completes another one is scheduled to start immediately. For clients requiring custom backups and archives, data can be written out to tapes and stored in physically separate secure storage facilities or shipped directly to you for guaranteed access to your data. All backup systems are monitored and checked for successful backups daily. Backups are both online and offline, offering a unique protection against viruses and hardware failures. Data is replicated across different geographical regions, so even a large weather event won’t affect your ability to access your data or your systems.

The reality is data loss happens. Be it something an honest mistake – a user accidentally overwriting a critical file - or something more sinister such as a disgruntled individual purposefully deleting data, it happens and no one is immune. Our innovative backup method ensures no saved data is more than 24 hours old. Critical systems are backed up every 4 hours. Most data can be returned to its previous state in 60 minutes or less - including entire servers.